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Daily Electric & flexible charging

 Alessandro Bernardini
Description: Sodium nickel chloride battery: Fully sustainable energy storage solution- Fiamm-Sonick batteries are easily recyclable as free from materials that require difficult treatments, The recycling is included in the battery price, The battery material is used for stainless steel production, the nickel and iron content become part of the product and the salt and ceramic form the slag in a process consistent way, The metallic parts are 46% of battery weight and are recycled in the production of metal alloy and the remaining part will result in slag.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Transportation
Contributing Organization: Iveco Brands
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Daily Electric & «flexible charging»

Il Daily Elettrico & la «ricarica flessibile»
Alessandro Bernardini
Iveco PD&E - Innovation Truck & Bus, Alternative Traction & Electrification Director

Genoa, Italy
May 27th , 2016
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