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Decarbonizing the Japanese Railway

 Hisako Nisho
Description: Energy Consumption and transportation market share- Railways in Japan emit only 3.4% of the total transport sector CO2 emissions, while having a modal share of 29.0%. Energy Efficiency- In terms of energy efficiency per unit of transport volume, Railways have big advantage over cars and other forms of transport. Trends in JR East’s total CO2 emissions- Railways can be described as an environmentally-friendly form of transport, with limited impact on the environment. However, JR East has a large rail network that emits 2.15 million ton of Co2 each year. JR East will diligently strive to balance global environmental protection with our business activities. Ecoste (eco-station) model station- Ecoste: Efforts to introduce various environment conservation technologies to stations, such as energy conservation, renewable energy etc. Utilization of renewable energies- JR East promote use of renewable energies. Solar panels have been installed at stations and rolling stock depot. Mega-solar generation at Keiyo rolling stock depot, Total output: 1,050kW, Estimated output per year: 1,000MWhb. Power generated by the solar power panels will be used in the Keiyo Rolling Stock Center office and train depot. Surplus electricity will be transmitted to the substation and used to operate railway services. Catenary and battery-powered hybrid railcar The storage battery-driven electric train can eliminate the exhaust gases and reduce CO2 emissions. Safety and Punctuality- Safety is the top priority for railways management (JR East has kept it and will keep it) Punctuality is the mother for everything, reliance by passengers and society, competitiveness against other modes of transport, efficient operation requiring less infrastructure and rolling stock, reduced operation cost. Better Mobility and Accessibility (Through operations)- Result: efficient and smooth integrated mobility. Alleviating congestion at terminal stations., Eliminating inconvenience of transfer.
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Our progress and achievements towards

decarbonizing Japanese Railway
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