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Economic Perspectives on Water Quality Policy

 Julie Hewitt, US EPA Office of Water
Description: Administrator’s CWA SDWA Prioritie: Foster new technologies that address broad array of contaminants Legal Considerations: In Entergy decision, Supreme Court Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska Exxon paid cleanup Jury awarded punitive damages Supreme Court decision limiting Exxon’s punitive damages under maritime law Did the Supreme Court set ratio of use to non-use? Economic Perspective Price discrimination economists find a better term Does environmental quality fit definition of a commod
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
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Coming Clean: Economic Perspectives on WQ Policy CWA & SDWA & M More
Julie Hewitt US EPA Office of Water (disclaimer)

Administrator's CWA Priorities
Priorities established in order to prepare FY 2011 budget proposal:
Nutrients Stormwater runoff Invasive species WQ impairments from surface mining i i t f f i i Better enforcement strategies Urban Water initiative Chesapeake Bay and Great Lake ... See more

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