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eLTE Solution for Oil & Gas Field

Description: Xinjiang Oilfield company is the largest oil producer in the West of China, is an affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation. The main areas of exploration and development are the Junggar Basin. The oil recourse reaches 8.6 billion tons, gas resources up to 2.1 trillion cubic meters, is one of the biggest oilfields of China. This project mainly offers Rehill oil field in Kramer LTE communication network, to achieve real-time data acquisition, and help to build digital oilfield.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
Huawei eLTE Solution for Oil & Gas Field


Oil & Gas Industry Challenges & Requirements


Huawei Innovative eLTE Solution


Product Family Introduction


Successful Cases


Challenges of Oil and Gas Industry
High Cost for Drilling New Wells

Inefficient Old Wells

3,000 meter deep-water drilling
platform in the South China Sea,
"Offshore Oil 981“

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