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Energy Storage in Power Systems

 Maria Carmen Falvo PhD
Description: Why ESS in power systems?:- The integration of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in the electrical power systems, was born in last years, mainly as a way to better integrate the renewable sources (RES) based power plants in the transmission and distribution grids, whose huge spread has been linked to the big attention given to the environmental problems. A «not-planned» spread of RES-based power plants, is acknowledged as the cause for many new phenomena in grids operation, both on the LV/MV system and on the HV system. Most of the RES-based power plants are connected to the MV and LV grids, creating the so-said Dispersed Generation (DG).
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Domain: Energy
Category: Battery & Fuel Cell
Contributing Organization: ENEAGRID
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Energy Storage in Power Systems
Maria Carmen Falvo, PhD
Assistant Professor

Agenda: some questions and replies on ESS in
power systems
• Why ESS in power systems?
• Where ESS in power systems?
• Which services and benefits for ESS in power systems?
• Which technologies for ESS in power systems?
• What about standards and regulation for ESS in power systems?
• Which ... See more

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