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Exploring Solar Energy

 National Energy Education Development
Description: Major Uses of Solar Energy:- Daylight, Drying Agricultural Products, Space Heating, Water Heating, Generating Electrical Power, Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), Photovoltaics. Drying Agricultural Products, Space Heating Through Passive Solar, Solar Collector-Glass on outside, Absorbent on inside, Circulating Fluid. Generating Electrical Power: Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)-Trough systems, Power towers. Heat exchanger plus steam turbine. Photovoltaics- Small-scale (buildings)kW production, Large-scale (utilities) MW production. Photoelectric effect.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Contributing Organization: The NEED Project
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Exploring Solar Energy

Radiant Energy

Nuclear Fusion

Major Uses of Solar Energy

 Daylight
 Drying Agricultural Products
 Space Heating
 Water Heating
 Generating Electrical Power
 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
 Photovoltaics


Drying Agricultural Products

Space Heating Through Passive Solar

Active Solar Heating

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Exploring Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Fusion and Fission:- Iron is the “dead end” of both fusion and fission – it is the lowest energy nucleus and cannot be split or fused. Nuclear Energy Production. Anatomy of

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Exploring Hydroelectric Power

Exploring Hydropower:- Water Cycle, Gravitational Energy, Harnessing Water Power. Top Hydropower Producing States- 1. Washington 89,464,2.Oregon 39,410, 3.California 26,837, 4.New

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Exploring Wind Energy

Exploring Wind Energy:- What Makes Wind: The sun shines on land and water. Land heats up faster than water. Warm air over the land rises. cool air over the water moves in. Clean,

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