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Game Changing Lighting and Display Solutions

 Seth Coe-Sullivan, PhD, QD Vision
Description: Realizing the promise of a revolutionary technology, Quantum dots: Fundamental property advantages, Value in Solid State Lighting. Quantum dot semiconductor nanocrystals are precisely engineered for optimal performance & cost, light emission and particle processing. Quantum dot advantage: Engineered properties translate to unrivaled benefits. A fundamental tradeoff in lighting: Color quality vs. power efficiency – solved by a breakthrough with Quantum Light Optic.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Lighting
The Quantum LightTM Advantage
OECD Nano & Environment Conference July 17, 2009

Where color, power and design matter

Quantum LightTM Optics and Inks
QD Vision is a nanomaterials product company that delivers game-changing lighting & display solutions... with exceptional color quality together with higher power efficiency, design flexibility and systems costs... in consumer electronics, display & ... See more

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