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Green Design Research and Practice in China

Description: Green Design in China and laws in china People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Law, Construction Law, Renewable Energy Law. Intelligent building envelope system and ultra-low power building; With Indoor Environment Control System, modular terminal conditioning, humidity independent control, Indoor lighting System. China's first Solar Decathlon competition and Future House model discussion, with London Zero Carbon Museum, London BeiDing (BedZED) zero carbon community.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
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Green Design in China overview--Law,Policy,
Green Design Research and Practice

Beijing Jiaotong University LiLei

Green Design in China overview: Serious Reality
� China is the world's largest country built new buildings, annual average about 2 billion square meters, new buildings each year is equivalent to the whole world 40% of cement and steel consumption accounted for 40 ... See more

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