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How Climate Change will Affect Civil Aviation?

 Herbert Puempel PhD
Description: “Furthermore, we demonstrate that the anomalous circulation regimes lead to persistent surface weather conditions and therefore to mid-latitude synchronization of extreme heat and rainfall events on monthly timescales. The recent cluster of resonance events has resulted in a statistically significant increase in the frequency of high-amplitude quasi-stationary waves of wave numbers 7 and 8 in July and August.”
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Domain: Energy
Category: Transportation
How Climate Change will affect the
need for MET Support to Civil Aviation
Dr. Herbert Puempel
Chair, Expert Team on Aviation, Science and Climate, CAeM, WMO
Implementation and Science Group, CAEP, ICAO

9 October 2015

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Issues addressed :
• Overview of state of knowledge on impacts of
climate on aviation from a science perspective
• Time lines: Lon ... See more

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