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Hybrid Electric Systems Vehicle Technology Research and Development

 David Howell, James Miller
Description: Vehicle Technologies R&D on Hybrid Electric Systems - DOE Vehicle Technologies Program Goals. Develop more energy efficient and environmentally friendly highway transportation technologies that enable America to use less petroleum, Develop technologies that provide Americans with greater freedom of mobility and energy security, with lower costs and lower impacts on the environment. U.S. Petroleum Production and Consumption, 1970-2035. U.S. Vehicle Market, 240 Million vehicles on the road, Approximately 9M new cars & light trucks for 2009; (average is 15.7 M/yr during 2002-2007), Hybrid vehicles now ~3% of sales, 13 Million cars and light trucks taken out of use per year. Analysis Informs Strategy - Projected Vehicle Technology for 2030. Advanced Vehicle Technology R&D - Hybrid Electric Systems, Advanced Batteries, Power Electronics & Electric Motors, HEV & PHEV, Systems Analysis and Testing, Electrification/Smart Metering, Aerodynamics, Rolling Resistance & Accessory Loads. Advanced Combustion Engine R&D, Low Temperature Combustion R&D, Emission Controls, Light- & Heavy-Duty Engines, Waste Heat Recovery, Health Impacts. Technology Integration - FreedomCAR, SuperTruck, Clean Cities, EcoCAR, GATE. Fuels Technology - Bio-Based Fuels, Clean/Efficient, Combustion Fuel Characteristics, Intermediate Blends, Advanced Lubricants.
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Clean Tech for Transportation

Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference

September 1-3, 2010 — Lille, France


Vehicle Technologies R&D
on Hybrid Electric Systems
United States Department of Energy
Washington, DC, USA

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