Mohan Mahal Sells Eco-friendly Solar House to Mark his 20 year Anniversary as a Heart Transplant Rec

 Tol Bayo

Celebrating his 20th year anniversary as a successful heart transplant recipient, Mohan Mahal is selling an eco-friendly house solar house in Silicon Valley with a giveaway of a Tesla Model S included 3 year lease to honor his donor.

San Jose, CA - Twenty years ago Mohan Mahal needed a heart transplant. Twenty years ago a donor gave him one. Most transplant patients are recorded to be lucky to live 10 years successfully. A recipient with a 15 year life span is excellent. Someone who received a transplant and lived 20 years plus is almost unheard of.

Mohan Mahal, the CEO of SIDCO a company committed to sustainable energy and energy efficient homes is such a recipient. So grateful for the quality of life he was given and the years he has had as a result of a heart donor, Mohan decided to honor the family as a mark of his 20 year anniversary as a recipient.

He decided to add an extra perk as incentive for green-minded buyers on his latest real estate refurbish. Not only did he include solar panels for sustainability, he decided to throw in a Tesla - that goes with the house for a 3 year prepaid lease. The Tesla was a way of thanking the family who participated in his heart transplant donation and the extra life he has had. He is paying it forward to some very lucky new homeowner.

The Home will be shown on June 15th from 10AM to 12PM. The address is 1151 Koch Lane, San Jose, CA 95125. Dr. Sharon Hunt, Mahal's Post Operative Cardiologist, will be there as well as a representative of Tesla.

Mohan believes that if the hot real estate industry in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the state follows this trend by including electric cars, there could be a massive shift in energy usage. His vision includes in another five years many homes coming with this kind of sustainable energy to encourage the public as an active participant. Solar panels are being provided by Solar City.

Contact: Mohan Mahal, SIDCO, (408) 314-3454, or

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