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Nanotechnologie als Grundlage fuer Sonnen- Energie und Clean Technologies

 Dr. Andreas Widl
Description: Nanotechnology structures are already generated PVD/CVD coatings, photomask etching, a-Si/ C-Si and TCO layers Efficiency breakthrough through patented Tandem Design Clean Technologies offer huge potential for profitable growth Oerlikon Solar: Turn-key mass manufacturing solutions
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Six Areas with High-Tech Competencies Medienorientierung zur NanoEurope 2008
Oerlikon Textile Oerlikon Coating Oerlikon Solar Oerlikon Vacuum Oerlikon Drive Systems Oerlikon Components

Nanotechnologie als Grundlage fuer SonnenEnergie und Clean Technologies
Dr. Andreas Widl August 19, 2008
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