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Offshore Wind Engineering and PM Services

 David Carrascosa, Luis Gonzalez-Pinto
Description: Offshore Wind engineering & PM services is a professional & independent standpoint, with a commitment to innovation, sustainable development & respect for the environment.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Wind/Water/Geo
Founded in 1988, SAITEC is one of the most prestigious engineering firms in Spain at
present. It carries out its activities from a professional and independent standpoint,
with a strong commitment to innovation, sustainable development and respect for
the environment.

Some clients:

Saitec Offshore Technologies
New spin-off from SAITEC:

Exclusive Intelectual Property of SATH
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19 August, 2019

Fuel Performance Codes

The design process starts with fuel design requirements. There is no clear endpoint because the process continues indefinitely as long as replacement fuel is required.

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