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Biofuel: Small Scale Production

Description: To address both the transport fuel problem as well as rural applications such as agricultural pumping and electricity generation Only non-edible oil seeds (jatropha, Pongamia); use of marginal land  National goal: Defined blending targets to be made mandatory.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Biomass
Contributing Organization: UNITED NATIONS
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Small scale production and use of Biofuels
Biofuel has to be viewed as having a twin
•Potential to spur rural development
•Substitute transportation fuels to the extent

Small scale production as part of an extensive
national effort and/or self-standing local
operations in local economy?
Regardless of which approach is taken, focus
on rural development is key to ... See more

Big Data: Key Concepts

Many organizations carry out business based on insights gained from data analysis. There has been a shift in the size, type, and form of data and in the way data is analyzed.

09 November, 2017
25 October, 2016

Enouraging the Diffusion of Green Technology

There is no commonly accepted or internationally agreed definition of green technology. The term can be broadly defined as technology that has the potential to significantly improv

30 May, 2016