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Recent Progress In Microalgal Biomass Production Coupled With Wastewater Treatment For Biofuel Generation

 Byong-Hun Jeon PhD
Description: Nanotechnology application in biodiesel production from microalgae mainly includes nanomaterial utilization on lipid accumulation, extraction and on the transesterification process as catalyst support or catalyst. An extended schematic model for a new biomass-energy conversion pathway in which all biochemical content of microalgal biomass can be transformed to biofuel for improving the economic feasibility of microalgae biofuel industry.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Biomass
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
13th US-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology:
Neuromorphic computing and Water & Energy Sustainability

Recent progress in microalgal biomass production coupled with
wastewater treatment for biofuel generation

Byong-Hun Jeon, Ph. D.
Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea

September 26, 2016



Introduction: Bioenergy & algal biofuels


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