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Biofuels Policy Land Use Change Uncertainty and Time

 Michael OHare
Description: Biofuels Policy, Land Use Change, Uncertainty and Time, Policy Context, Policy options, GWI in the LCFS, The indirect land use change issue, Unmanaged land, Key concepts and cautions, Four big issues for iLUC, Time and discharge profiles, Time issues, Uncertainty, Decision Theory, The practice gaps, Heuristics, extreme value, model uncertainty and parameter uncertainty, key issues, food effects, nutrition consequences, emerging issues, non- ILUC biofuels.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Biomass
Biofuels Policy, Land Use Change, Uncertainty, and Time
The research reported here was partially supported by the California Air Resources Board and the Energy Biosciences Institute and does not necessarily represent the view of either organization

Michael O Hare
Goldman School of Public Policy Univ. of California, Berkeley ohare@berkeley.edu
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Michael OHare
16 September, 2010