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Biodiesel: Fryer to Fuel

 Jo Fleming
Description: Ecology Action, Santa Cruz County, Fats, Oils and Grease, Color Coding Grease, Serendipity in Market Development, EAS, Salinas Tallow, Coast Oil, Tallow Collection Problems, Consolidated Storage, Correlation between temperature and Free Fatty Acid, Eliminate Bad Spec Oil, Best Environment Management Practices, Improved Storage Areas, Grease Quality, Typical Emissions Reductions, F2F Emissions Reductions.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Biomass
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Jo Fleming Jo.fleming@envirocentives.com

Dish: Locally-Produced, Sustainable Biodiesel Serves: B5, B20 or B50 for Local public fleets for a Population of 150,000 people Ingredients: Commercial biodiesel plant within 200 miles. At least 100,000 gallons of waste cooking oil/year generated by approximately 200 local restaurants (roughly). Liquid Wa ... See more

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