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Exploring Wind Energy

 National Energy Education Development
Description: Exploring Wind Energy:- What Makes Wind: The sun shines on land and water. Land heats up faster than water. Warm air over the land rises. cool air over the water moves in. Clean, zero emissions-NOx, SO2, CO, CO2 - Air quality, water quality- Climate change, Reduce fossil fuel dependence - Energy independence - Domestic energy—national security. Renewable-No fuel-price volatility. US Electricity Generation from Non-Hydro Renewables.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Wind/Water/Geo
Contributing Organization: The NEED Project
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Exploring Wind Energy

What Makes Wind

Global Wind Patterns

History of Wind Energy

5000 BC
Sailboats used on
the Nile indicate
the power of wind

500-900 AD
First windmills
developed in

Charles F. Brush
used windmill to
generate electricity
in Cleveland, OH

CA wind capacity
exceeded 1,000 MW

1300 AD
First horizontalaxis
windmills in

Early 1900s
Windmills in CA
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