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The First Floating Wind Turbine in France (SEM-REV)

Description: Demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of one multi-MW integrated floating-wind turbine in the Atlantic Ocean conditions.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Wind/Water/Geo
Contributing Organization: SINTEF
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FLOATGEN is co-financed by the European
Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for
Research and Technological Innovation.

The first Floating
Wind Turbine in
France (SEM-REV)
I. Le Crom, ECN, EERA Deepwind 19/01/2018

Offshore Wind Ressource in France
Installed Onshore:
> 13.7 GW
Forecasted Offshore:
> 3.1 GW

France is investing
Fixed offshore wind turbine:
> 80 GW over 10 000 km2
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