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Wind Power Fundamentals

 Alex Kalmikov, Katherine Dykes, Kathy Araujo
Description: Wind Potential Worldwide Estimate: 40x the current power consumption or morethan 5 times global use of all energy forms (Lu et al, 2009). Wind Notables: Cost competitive in areas with good wind resource (IEA, 2006). Most economically feasible and fastest growing ‘new’ renewable energy. Wind 35-45% new generation recently added in US and Europe (GWEC, 2009). 5 countries account for roughly 75% of total world usage – US, Germany, China, Spain and India. Share of wind as a % of total power in wind power leaders is on average 10-20% and continuing to increase.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Wind/Water/Geo
Contributing Organization: MIT
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Wind Power
Presented by:
Alex Kalmikov and Katherine Dykes
With contributions from:
Kathy Araujo
PhD Candidates, MIT Mechanical
Engineering, Engineering Systems and
Urban Planning
MIT Wind Energy Group &
Wind Energy Projects in Action

 Introduction
 History of Wind Power
 Wind Physics Basics
 Wind Power Fundamentals
 Technology Overvi ... See more

Wind Power Fundamentals

Wind Power Wind Power Fundamentals:- Origin of Wind:Wind – Atmospheric air in motion Energy source Solar radiation differentially absorbed by earth surface converted through convec

24 September, 2016