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Energy Investment Project Portfolio

 Jorge Yanez
Description: This presentation is about Chile energy investment project portfolio. SIC Trunk System Expansion Plan - New Infrastructure The Expansion Plan envisages five projects to expand the northern and central part of the transmission system of the Central Interconnected Grid (SIC). The Plan, established under Decrees N° 82 and N° 310 issued by the Energy Ministry in 2012 and 2013, respectively, defines the system’s expansion in order to supply power consumption needs. The tender seeks to award contracts for the projects’ implementation and operation. After opening a subsidiary in Chile to develop and exploit renewable energy sources, Torsa Chile S.A. Will invest in exploration during 2013/2014. To this end, it will establish an office in Santiago, install four measurement towers on the coast of Chile and carry out studies for the construction of 41 MW wind farms in different parts of the country. About Tolhuaca I Geothermal Plant: Project for the construction of Chile’s first geothermal plant. The plant would have a capacity of 70 MW with the option of future expansions depending on availability of the resource. More projects are Wilefko wave energy project, JVA South Pacific Energy wave energy project, Bid for Solar Power Concentration, “Integrated Energy System and Biorefinery” for Production of Biofuels.
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Investment project portfolio
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SIC Trunk System Expansion
Plan - New Infrastructure
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