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Proven Offshore Floating Wind Technology

Description: Gradual growth in renewable energy and lowcarbon technologies, Sheringham Shoal, Offshore wind construction, Dogger Bank Our asset for growth, Hywind the proven floating wind technology, Hywind Demo In operation since 2009, Wind, power and waves, Verified and calibrated models by experience data from Hywind Demo.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Wind/Water/Geo
Contributing Organization: Statoil
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Hywind � floating wind proven by Statoil

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Gradual growth in renewable energy and lowcarbon technologies
Leveraging Statoil's existing core competencies, we focus on: Offshore wind Carbon capture and storage Geothermal energy

Sheringham Shoal Dogger Bank Hywind


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04 June, 2010