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Lessonís Learned for Molten Salt Reactor Development

 Jess C. Gehin Phd
Description: Target problems in areas presenting the most critical barriers to achieving national climate and energy goals. Represent a new structure, modeled after research entities like the Manhattan Project and AT&T Bell Labs. Focus on a single topic, with work spanning the gamut, from basic research through engineering development to partnering with industry in commercialization. Large, highly integrated and collaborative creative teams working to solve priority technology challenges.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
CASL: Consortium for the Advanced
Simulation of Light Water Reactors
A DOE Energy Innovation Hub

Lesson’s Learned for
Molten Salt Reactor Development

Dr. Jess C. Gehin
CASL Director
2016 Molten Salt Reactor Workshop
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
October 5, 2016

Innovation – Learning from Bell Labs
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