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How Safety Evolved in the Oil and Gas Industry

 Total Safety
Description: Safety is now front and center in the oil and gas industry. Thanks to a strong industrial culture of workplace safety and more advanced technologies to monitor and prevent injuries and accidents, the rate of injury was down to 1.8 per 100 workers in 2012, according to the American Petroleum Institute. And offshore, that rate dipped to 0.7 per 100 workers. Yet there’s still progress to be made. Small oversights can quickly spiral out of control and spark major—sometimes fatal—accidents. The Piper Alpha disaster that took 167 lives in 1988 was traced to inadequate maintenance and risk assessment, according to NASA’s Safety Center. And an accident’s impact can ripple beyond on-site workers, harming emergency crews and jeopardizing companies’ reputations and financial health.
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How Safety
Has Evolved in the
Oil and Gas Industry

Perpetual Progress.......... 2
1800s: Accidents Abound.......... 3
Earlty 1900s: A Burgeoning Sense of Safety..........

Safety Spotlight: Moore Refinery Co.
1940s and 1950s: Technology Surges Offshore..........

Safety Spotlight: Thunder Bay
1969s and 1970s: Speed at the Sake of Safety..........
1988: Piper Alpha.... ... See more

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