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Regulation of Natural Gas Transportation

 International Gas Union Research Conference
Description: Access to the gas pipelines will be given first in the available capacity and only after their full contracting will be guaranteed the right of access to the idle capacity, observing the exclusivity period to exploit the contracted capacity of the new transport pipelines. The procedure, with a guarantee of access to all interested parties, whose purpose is the contracting of transport capacity in existing pipelines, to be built or expanded.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
Fueling the Future – Energy for Growth
WOC5/IGU 2017

Regulation of Natural Gas Transportation
Trade and Transportation of Liquid Hydrocarbons and Natural Gas Department - SCM/ANP

May 22th, 2017


• Natural Gas Infrastructure (Transportation)
• Natural Gas Balance

• Legislation and Regulation
• TCQ Transport Contract
• Conclusions


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