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What the Future Holds for Nuclear

 Dr. Ron Oberth
Description: Nuclear Renaissance is here: 440 nuclear power plant units operating worldwide, 30 nuclear power plant units under construction, 200 plants planned or proposed. World Nuclear Association predicts that by 2030 there will be between 700 and 1500 nuclear plants worldwide. Creating Hydrogen from Nuclear using current Electrolysis Technology: Is electrolytic hydrogen price competitive? Will the price be stable? Is it environmentally friendly? Can intermittent production achieve continuity of supply?
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Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
Nuclear Hydrogen Production for Oil Sands Applications
Dr. Ron Oberth Director Marketing and Business g Development University of Saskatchewan April 7, 2009


Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Global Nuclear Technology Company
� Established in 1952 by Government of Canada � More than 5000 employees mainly at Chalk River and Mississauga, O ... See more

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