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Fossil Fuel Formation, Types, and Environmental Problems

 Dr. Steven Marvel
Description: Paper covers: Coal and natural gas formation and types. Area strip & Contour mining Mountain top removal. Environmental problems associated with coal mining. acids and heavy metals Sulfur and nitrogen from proteins acid precipitation Particulates and heavy metals Radioactive isotopes Technology Can Make Coal a Cleaner Fuel Scrubbers can remove % of sulfur Clean Coal Technologies Fluidized-bed combustion Coal Liquefaction OIL and NATURAL GAS Advantages over coal
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
A Burning Issue


US and Canada have 5% of world population but use 25% of energy! In US transportation uses 25% of energy (all oil)


COAL is a nonrenewable source of energy that fueled the Industrial Revolution
� Most abundant of fossil fuels � Supplies 27% of energy.

� Used mainly for electric power generation � ... See more

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