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GOM Subsea Oil Spills: Fast Response, Containment, Solutions

 Bart Heijermans
Description: Helix, Helix’s mission is to use its Services and Methodologies to lower F&D and LOE cost, An American Success Story, Setting the Stage, Helix Vessels at Macondo, Helix Q4000, Q4000 Macondo Response, DP 2 FPS Helix Producer I, HPI Macondo Deployment, MSV DP2 Express, Helix Fast Response System (HFRS), Helix Fast Response System 2010, Containment Capacity Required, Paralyzed Industry, Containment CAPEX vs. Capacity, Deepwater Response – A Global Effort, Key Take Aways.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
Bart Heijermans Chief Operating Officer

Helix's mission is to use its Services and Methodologies to lower F&D and LOE cost

Company Update Spill Containment
Changing the way you succeed.

Fast Response to GOM Subsea Oil Spills BOEMRE Panel Discussion September 13, 2010 Lafayette, Louisiana

An American Success Story
GOM Deepwater � World's Leading Innovation Basin

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