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The Future of Natural Gas

 Stephen R. Connors, Joseph S. Hezir, Gregory S. McRae, Harvey Michaels, Carolyn Ruppel
Description: Natural Gas, Global Remaining Recoverable Gas, Global Gas Supply Cost Curve, U.S. Gas Supply Curves, Variation in Production Rates, Potential Production Rate, Methane Hydrate Resource Pyramid, U.S. Gas Use, U.S. Gas Prices, Energy Mix, Natural Gas Production, Natural Gas Consumption, Global Gas Markets, Load duration curve, Fully Dispatched NGCC Potential, U.S. Natural Gas Infrastructure, NGL Production, Levelized Cost of Electricity.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Fossil Fuel/Nuclear
the Future of natural Gas
An InterdIscIplInAry MIt study
InterIM report

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MIT STudy on The FuTure oF naTural GaS

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