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Manufacturing the Sustainable Grids of the Future Women4Energy

 Bridgit Hartland-Johnson
Description: drop <400/kW making storage financially viable for many more applications. National Grid Future Energy Scenarios (FES) estimated between 3 (for slow progress) and 11GW (forgone green) by 2030. National Infrastructure Commission states storage to be 1 of the 3 pillars of infrastructure development for the UK. OFGEM flexibility paper calls for evidence on how to release storage as a solution for DNO solutions expected to be the 1st step towards DSO model. UK DNOs call for technology agnostic service based contracts for Constraint Management test for DSO model. EireGrid launches DS3 with fast services similar to EFR and FFR. Sites with Gas Turbines providing operating reserve converting to faster balancing by adding storage. Solar developers converting PV sites to storage as a result of the FiT end. Dec 2016 Capacity Auction expected to be disrupted by storage offers. The cost of funding reducing. Large energy consumers (behind the meter) seek ways to reduce energy costs (grid charges).
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Domain: Energy
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Contributing Organization: Women4Energy
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Stuttgart November 2016

Manufacturing the Sustainable Grids of the Future
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Impact of the changing Energy Landscape
Different solutions for different market stages

Energy Landscape





Traditional mix

System integration

Market integration

autonomous system

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