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The Green New Deal

 Annette Birkholz
Description: The Present Economic Crisis and Opportunities to Strengthen Specific Trends. More than 95% of the resources lifted from nature are wasted before the finished goods reach the market. Topics covered: Material Costs vs. Labor Costs in the German Industry, The Visible and the “Unvisible” Eco Industry, Stimulus and Green Investment Programs in Selected Countries, Annual Growth of Climate Friendly Technologies and Products, The German Environmental Industry as percentage of GDP: 2007 and 2020.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Forschungsstelle f�r Umweltpolitik Environmental Policy Research Center hauptman@zedat.fu-berllin.de

,,Green New Deal" and Green Jobs
Frankfurt/O. 3. 7. 2009

The Crisis Behind the Present Economic Crisis
Industrial mass production based on cheap resources has reached its limits. The remarkable success of this model in the 20. Century has come to its end. Cheap energies so far have i ... See more

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