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Can We Really Become More Energy Efficient? Is Another World Possible?

 Pooja Shukla
Description: State services meet only 70% of power needs, 30% of Water needs, 25% of Waste Disposal needs – cities abuse lakes, sewage canals worsen problem, thus Cities die slowly. 200 years of Market Mechanisms have their virtues. But we must return to Prosumption for at least things that are in our control… A look into the future: A world with more efficient homes, building materials, toys, tools and the Shopping Malls of the 2020’s.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Is Another World Possible?

A New Century's City Challenges :
Prosumption is Way to go!

So What's Wrong and Where?
Energy Water Waste Water Solid Wet Waste Solid Dry Waste Solid Toxic Waste Transportation Soils and vegetation

What the Govt offers...
State services meet only ....

70% of power need � all of us are a mini
power utility... Quality of Power/No capital

30% of Water ne ... See more

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