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R&D for Sustainable Energy Development

 Anil K. Rajvanshi
Description: The Energy situation in India is alarming. Average per capita consumption in India is 6% that in US. ~ 65% of India lives in rural areas and faces tremendous hardship. India’s petroleum imports in 2002-03 were about $ 18 billion. This year it will jump to $ 25 billion, or 50% of total exports, 75% of total cons a 15% year growth. Electricity shortfall in India ~15000 MW/yr. Need to add 140,000 MW by 2010. This will require ~ $ 130 billion. Where is the money?
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
R&D for Sustainable Development

Anil K. Rajvanshi,

Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI),
Phaltan, Maharashtra, India


Talk will focus on following

� Existing energy and development problems in India. � How NARI's work is relevant to solving some of these problems. � Collaboration between MIT and NARI


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