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DER Deployment: Technology Trends, Tools and REV

 Tom Key
Description: Detailed Analysis use of power system analysis software to understand DG and solar impacts based on stochastic analysis Interconnection Screens such as NY SIR, FERC SGIP fast-track screening or in CA rule 21 screening procedures.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Contributing Organization: NY Solar Storage Summit
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DER Deployment:
Technology Trends,
Tools and REV
Tom Key
Senior Technical Executive

NY Solar + Storage Summit
Sustainable CUNY and
John Jay College, NYC
June 21, 2017
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DER Topics (with some History)
 US Generation and DER

 PV Trends and
Grid Integration
– Evolving standards, inverters
and assessment t ... See more
Tom Key
02 March, 2018

Distributed and Renewable Energy Applications

Topics discussed include DC in Power Quality and Reliability Applications, Key Role of Electric Energy Storage, Applications with Distributed Energy Resources, Renewable Energy, St

Tom Key
30 September, 2009