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Climate Change and Ocean Use - International Shipping

 Peter Hinchliffe
Description: International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Chamber of Shipping, Global Regulation for a Global Industry, Shipping, Efficiency and the Image of the Industry, Emission Reduction, IMO Process, and Market based Mechanism, International Shipping, Shipping Efficiency Trend, and World Trade Growth.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Session 7 Climate Change and Ocean Use

C Climate C Change and g Ocean Use ~
International Shipping

Peter Hinchliffe International Chamber of Shipping

International M iti I t ti l Maritime O Organization (IMO) i ti
169 Member States + 3 Associate Members

International Chamber of Shipping
National Shipowner Associations 75% World Tonnage

World Fleet ~ 60 000 ships 60,000


Maritime Legi ... See more

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