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Nanoporous Material Development and Application

 Taylor Sugg, Caitlin Tholstrup, Ross Taylor, Jeremy Staggers
Description: Aluminosilicate Zeolites, LTA Framework, Faujisite Framework, HEU Framework, Mesoporous silica , Synthesis of surfactant templated silica material, Porous Polymers, Metal Organic Framework, Zeolite Synthesis, nanoporous qualities and characteristics, Separation and Adsorption Technology, Methane CH4, Hydrogen H2, Storage for Vehicle Fuel, Nitrogen/Methane (N2/CH4) Separation for Natural Gas Purification, Purification of Transportation Fuels
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Contributing Organization: Texas A&M
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Taylor Sugg, Caitlin Tholstrup, Ross Taylor, Jeremy Staggers

Nanoporous Materials is par of nanotechnology seeks to optimize molecular and atomic arrangements in order to engineer ultraporous materials Revolutionized numerous research fields Revolutionized numerous research fields

SEM image of anodic SEM image of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) used as template to fabricate nanowires

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