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Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration

 Josh L.
Description: CO2 is increasing in the atmosphere and fossil fuel combustion is the main source of CO2. Topics discussed include why the rising CO2 levels matter, direct plant and Greenhouse effects, what is carbon sequestration, the global carbon cycle, near surface carbon stocks, and how humans are affecting the global carbon cycle. Also included: net primary production, net ecosystem production, carbon balance in forests, and biomass accumulation.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
� The Car bon Conundr um � The global car bon cycle � The f or est car bon cycle


Keeling, CD and TP Whorf

Fossil Fuel combust ion is t he main sour ce of CO2

Marland et al., 2007


� Dir ect Plant Ef f ect s � The Gr eenhouse Ef f ect � Global War ming


� The f ut ur e is uncer t ain

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