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Distributed Power Generation: Smart grid & Micro grid

 Jaise Kuriakose, Centre for Alternative Technology
Description: Paper covers Electricity System, regulation, Base and Peak load providers. Defines Distributed Generation. Issues wind and photovoltaic. Defines smart grid and micro grid advantages and opportunities. Technical Measures for Integration of Renewable Energy (RE) Power Plants. Smart appliances Virtual Power Plant Short term operative reserve (STOR) spinning reserve Black start facility connected microgrids act as an aggregator. Avoid stress in transmission lines on peak loads. Storage faci
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Distributed Generation, Smart grid & Micro grid

Jaise Kuriakose Centre for Alternative Technology

Structure of presentation
Current Electricity System Distributed Generation Issues with distributed generation What is a smart grid? Opportunities with smart grid What is micro grid? Advantages and opportunities of micro grid Conclusion

Electricity Flowchart 2008 in TWh

T&D losses-27 TW ... See more

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