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Energy Production - by Fuel

 Trip Doggett
Description: ERCOT Renewable Generation – Wind • The Current Installed Wind Capacity is ~ ERCOT Today… 9,317 MW This makes Texas the largest wind power jurisdiction in North America (passing California in 2006) • We’re studying ~ 41,000 MW in additional wind interconnection development Additional bulk transmission lines are already needed in West Texas (independent of CREZ generation)
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
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Testimony to Senate Committee on y Natural Resources, Chairman Troy Fraser
August 18, 2010 Trip Doggett President & CEO

Installed Capacity

Installed Capacity p y


2009 Energy Production - by Fuel


Reserve Margins for Years 2000 through 2015

Existing l t E i ti plants and plants under d l t d construction Planned generation under Pl d ti d Full Interconnection Studies


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