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Sustainable Energy Myths and Realities

 Trevor Berrill
Description: Paper is about Sustainable Energy Myths and Realities, The Pinnacle of Fossil Fuel Use, Sustainable Energy Pathway, Current World Energy SupplCurrent, Green PowerGreen Power: Biomass, Solar Thermal ElectriSolar Thermal Electric, Energy Efficiency: Residential, Clean Electricity Generation Mix, Base Load from SE - Yes, Solar is too expensive? Best Practic – New Homes, Only RE and EE provide immediate CO2 Reductions.
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Domain: Energy
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Sustainable Energy Myths and Realities
Trevor Berrill Renewable Energy Systems Consultant Member: Alternative Technology Association International Solar Energy Society Thanks to Dr Mark Diesendorf for some slides

Gross Material & Energy In-Efficiency!!

Material Flows (North America) - 1% ends up in products & is still in use 6 months after sale. Energy Efficiency - only a few percent for most ... See more

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