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Low‐GHG Transportation Infrastructure Realities

 Pierpaolo Cazzola
Description: Achieving a Low Carbon Transport System Worldwide, IEA, transport and liquid fuels, IEA, scenario analysis, IEA 450/BLUE scenario, IEA transport analysis, Transport, Global Fuel Economy Initiative, EV/PHEV Roadmap.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Crystalline Si Technologies


Crystalline Si Major FY09 Accomplishments
Wafer Silicon
Record efficiencies of over 25% with open circuit voltages over 700 mV through heterojunctions and effective surface passivation using a-Si:H on bulk c-Si and interdigitated back contacts. SOA c-Si cells utilize light trapping techniques and AR coatings. May be replaced in the future with "black Si" Cost reduc ... See more
01 October, 2010