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Energy Efficient Infrastructure: Legal/Regulatory Framework

 Gurhan A. Ozdora
Description: Paper on Getting the Legal/Regulatory Framework Right for More Energy Efficient Future with showing importance of energy efficiency for Turkey's giving Energy supply security and how Turkish economy is energy intensive as Compared to other OECD countries. Know about Energy Efficiency Law and secondary regulations, National Energy Efficiency Strategy, Considerable Energy Efficiency Potential for turkey, energy efficiency data collection, ESCO business model, Thermal energy efficiency standards.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Getting the Legal/Regulatory Framework Right for a More Energy Efficient Future
Dr. Gurhan A. Ozdora
Senior Operations Officer, Sustainable Development Department Europe and Central Asia Region The World Bank

The World Bank

Why is energy efficiency important for Turkey-1

� Energy supply security is at risk due to rapid growth in demand � Energy efficiency increases are ... See more

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