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Challenges of the 21st Century: Oil and Coal Communities in Brazil

 Paulo Cunha, Thais Murce, Diogo Zaverucha Pinheiro, Joo Lampreia, Rodrigo Delalbera Carvalho, Fbi
Description: We talk about Climate Change ... but we have other Challenges too...especially in developing countries. Brazil is committed to climate change mitigation and recognizes the CCGS technologies as an important option for a global climate change mitigation, although it doesn't have target obligations to reduce its emissions. The recent discovery of major oil and gas fields also suggests that fossil fuels may play an increasingly important role in Brazils future.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Environmental
Why CCS in Brazil?

Perspectives of the Oil and Coal Communities What`s happening in R&D Arena in Brazil What`s happening in Government Policy Arena in Brazil

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum Capacity Building Workshop 08-09 September 2008 - Salvador/BA � BRAZIL

Paulo Cunha (1) Thais Murce (1) Diogo Zaverucha Pinheiro (2) Jo�o Lampreia (3) Rodrigo Delal�b ... See more

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