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Progress & Frontiers in PV Performance

 Chris Deline, Nick DiOrio, Dirk Jordan
Description: Free software that combines detailed performance and financial models to estimate the cost of energy for system. Provides a simple performance and financial assessment for smaller-scale PV systems given an address, system design, and simple $/kWh electricity rate. SAM - Provides detailed performance assessment for small to utility scale systems. Model complex shading and other losses. Can model detailed financial parameters, including complex utility rate tariffs, incentives. Models custom load profiles. Detailed outputs and visualization.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Contributing Organization: NREL
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Progress & Frontiers in PV
Chris Deline, Nick DiOrio, Dirk Jordan, NREL
Fatima Toor, University of Iowa
September 12, 2016
Solar Power International 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada


Workshop introduction
Chris Deline (NREL)


SAM introduction and battery modeling
Nick DiOrio (NREL)


Bifacial modules and modeling
Fatima Toor (University of Iowa)

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