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The Dark Side of Solar Energy

 Varun Sivaram
Description: In recent years, solar power has surged to become the cheapest and fastest-growing source of electricity on the planet. Over the last decade, solar installations have grown annually by over 30 percent on average, thanks to costs that have plunged more than 90 percent. This red-hot growth suggests that in the near future, solar power could challenge fossil fuel dominance and help the world reduce its carbon emissions.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
How the rising solar industry empowers political interests that
could impede a clean energy transition

Varun Sivaram

PA P E R 2
APRIL 2018

I would like to acknowledge the generous support of The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for my
work, and the research assistance provided by Madison Freeman and David Yellen of The Council on Foreign Relations. Additional ... See more

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