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Solar Energy for Process Heat: Swiss Project Workshop Report

 Martin Guillaume, Marco Caflisch
Description: Martin Guillaume, Marco Caflisch talking about solar heating and cooling, photovoltaic in the industry and their consumption. Solar energy technologies have witnessed false starts and they had seriously cleared the thought.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Contributing Organization: Swissolar
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Solar Energy for Process Heat:
Workshop report from the Sol-Ind Swiss project
Martin Guillaume (martin.guillaume@heig-vd.ch)
Marco Caflisch (marco.caflisch@spf.ch)
7th Swissolar Solar Heating Conference
September 11th 2018, Rapperswil (Switzerland)

Sol-Ind Swiss Project
Push the deployment of solar process heat in Switzerland focussing on the heat demand at low
temperature levels (< ... See more

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