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Photovoltaic System to Save Energy: A Case Study

 Rizeq N.S. Hammad
Description: A small case study on a photovoltaic system to save energy in Jordan. Renewable energy is green energy, in particular, the photovoltaic energy, for Jordan and other poor countries.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Contributing Organization: David Publishing Company
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Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 13 (2019) 37-42
doi: 10.17265/1934-8975/2019.01.004



Photovoltaic System to Save Energy in Jordan: A Case
Study on a Semi-detached House
Rizeq N. S. Hammad
Architectural Department, Jordan University Amman, Jordan
Abstract: A photovoltaic system is installed, since 5 years in a medium size house in Amman city, Jordan to support the elec ... See more

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