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Smart Innovation In Solar Power Plants O&M

 Nitin Pande
Description: Solar Solutions was selected by Electrolux within the renewable energy sector for bringing to market AEG solar modules worldwide. Solar Solutions Group is represented in 14 countries in Europe, USA, ROW by a solid network of partners and agents. 22 MW was sold in H1, 2016. With ca. 5 million turnover in 2015, ca. 40 million EUR turnover are expected for 2016.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
LithoVision 2018
● Who: AEG and Solar Solutions
○ About AEG: History and Heritage
○ Solar Solutions Group
○ Factories & Production
○ Team & Partners

○ What if your solar module could solve
problems for you?
○ IMM: Individual Module Monitoring
○ IMM Technology: function & benefits
○ Components & functioning
○ Benefits at a glance

● Why: India
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