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Photovoltaic Value Chain

 Markku Tilli
Description: Silicon PV Module Cost Breakdown, Change in polysilicon feedstock, Feedstock production, Promising path: Innovative metallurgical routes. Challenges in c-Si production: Higher productivity in silicon ingot growth (kg´s/h), Lower cost in silicon ingot growth (energy efficiency, pull speed, charge size...), Higher quality of ingots (minority carrier lifetime, impurities, oxygen level,homogeneity....), Thinner wafers, less kerf loss, Lower cost silicon feedstock
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
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Value Chain of Okmetic
Solar energy&roadmaps-workshop 23.1.2009 Innopoli Markku Tilli

World PV Market Estimate 2007
2826 MW Total
Europe(excl Ge) 6% ROW 8%

USA 8% Japan 8% Germany 47 %

Spain 23 %

Source: Solarbuzz LLC market research
MT 21.1.2009

1st generation covers 94% of total market
Mono-crystalline Multi-crystalline

� Serves high-end market � 32 % market penet ... See more

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