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Photovoltaic applications

Description: Data Inside: Solar Power Global Production Volume 2005-2010 GWe of Electricity Production Photovoltaic Worldwide Market Data Share Production Chain Silicon Production Cell Production Module and system Production
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Photovoltaic applications

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CARBONE LORRAINE in the photovoltaic market

Electricity Production


Type of Renewable Energy Wind Hydro (large) Hydro (small) Photovoltaic Biomass (total) Geothermal TOTAL Total electricity consumption Share of RES-E White Paper Target

Installed Capacity 1995 3 GWe 83 GWe 2010 40 GWe 91 GWe 14 GWe 3 GWe 45 Mtoe 0,5 GWe 135 Mtoe 1 GWe

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